About “I Prayed the Prayer”


“I Prayed the Prayer” is an outreach of Inspiration Ministries that was created to aid hurting people in the challenging world we live in.

Iprayedtheprayer.org has helped tens of thousands of people to pray to God, receive Jesus Christ as Savior and receive spiritual encouragement which helps people to do “right things”. I Prayed the Prayer helps people who are contemplating suicide, facing incarceration, sickness and every other kind of human problem imaginable. Additionally, iprayedtheprayer.org provides spiritual resources that support new believers in their journeys in Christ while registering them to optionally receive more faith-based content. Inspiration Ministries provides devotional emails, videos and other biblical teachings. And, 30 Keys to Discipleship offers Biblical teachings in “bite-sized” formats to help improve the quality of life for people in marriages, employment, finances and much more.

And, Inspiration Ministries (inspiration.org) is a spiritual resource that contains deeper and broader Christian education and motivation via daily videos, daily devotionals, christian articles, a prayer ministry, a Christian TV network and much, much more.

Contact Information:

Inspiration Ministries

3000 Worldreach Drive

Indian Land, SC 29707